Of Mystery And Beauty

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Karolina Strassmayer (alto saxophone, flute)
Drori Mondlak (drums)
John Goldsby (bass)
Rainer Böhm (piano)

“Strassmayer has absorbed, internalized and personalized what John Coltrane gave to jazz and often evokes him purely on the power of her tone and inflection.” (Doug Ramsey)

Recorded at Bayerische Rundfunk Studio Nürnberg in co-production with BR KLASSIK.


KLARO! BR-KLASSIK Studio Session – Of Mystery And Beauty

“This is, to date, Strassmayer and Mondlak’s finest disc and one that surely will stand the test of time.”

– Hrayr Attarian, all about jazz

With their newest recording Of Mystery And Beauty alto saxophonist Karolina Strassmayer and drummer Drori Mondlak continue their creative collaboration that began in New York City in 2000.

In their seventh recording together their vision has crystallized into an original and deeply personal sound.

Strassmayer and Mondlak consider this collection of original compositions and solo improvisations to be their most powerful recording to date.

KLARO! fuses the romanticism of European classical and folk music with the rhythmic fire and swing of American jazz and the harmonic sophistication of contemporary improvised music.

Pianist Rainer Böhm and bassist John Goldsby complete the quartet.

“Beauty means different things to different people. But there is a universal truth about it, regardless of taste and aesthetic; beauty has the power to move the heart,” says Strassmayer.

Internationally renowned journalist Doug Ramsey wrote, “This international quartet’s blend of consistent quality and adventurousness give it staying power. It is one of the most interesting small groups at work today.”


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