“Mondlak is a deeply melodic drummer, but with the deceptive power and finesse of someone like Joe Morello. He is in the driver’s seat, pushing the soloists but never being pushy. You get the sense that he’s arranging the improvisations from the drum throne.”

DRUM! Magazine — Andrew Lenz

“The words to describe this quartet are tuneful collaboration. Within the vast differences among the instruments, the range of subtlety is bountiful, balanced and beautiful on Drori’s Point In Time..….The impact of the entire recording emanates from its silky storytelling.It is simply one faultless lyrical line, evolving through intercepted or supplemented lines offered by each instrumental source……..each band member’s contribution both stands out and blends in simultaneously.”

Lyn Horton — All About Jazz

 “Drummer Drori Mondlak leads a swinging hard-boppish quartet on his Point In Time. Along with his long time partner Cary DeNigris on guitar, veteran bassist Steve LaSpina and alto sax burner Karolina Strassmayer, Mondlak swings interactively in a loose, understated manner………Mondlak underscores the two beautiful ballads with sensitive brushwork.”
Bill Milkowski — Traps Magazine

“Mondlak exhibits an eloquent speech-like personality while he executes his multiple functions; he internalizes his drum kit completely. Much remindful of the deeply melodic orientations of drummers Shelly Manne, Joe Morello or Max Roach, Mondlak is natural and imaginative in his high regard and ability to represent melodic lines and contours, and illuminates this flow freely with the listener.”
Dr. Herb Wong — IAJE Journal, Jazz Perspectives

“Drori Mondlak used to stay up late investigating the truths about jazz drumming. Seems his red–eye regimen sorted out any issues of sound and feel. Witness this fourth collaboration, Point In Time, with guitarist, Cary DeNigris. The pristinely recorded album abandons the joyous clatter of the earlier Between the Lines in favor of a more gentle revelry, the calm interrupted by the creeping intensity of originals such as “No Name Blues.”

T. Bruce Wittet — ★★★★ review in Modern Drummer

 “Mondlak’s quartet on Point In Time is integrated, balanced and musical. Mondlak, saxophonist and flutist Karolina Strassmayer, guitarist Cary DeNigris and bassist Steve LaSpina solo with conviction.”
Doug Ramsey — Rifftides, Arts Journal

“Nice deep, open drum sound and a killer ride cymbal!!”

John Riley — drummer, educator

“Drori is a terrific drummer whom I have known for years.  Point In Time is a great recording which showcases his dynamic playing, musicality and sensitivity, as well as his great interaction with an all-star group.”
Danny Gottlieb — drummer, educator

 Drori Mondlak’s drumming is timely and sensitive, not overwhelming the ensemble but keeping it on track and pushing it forward, lifting the soloists.”
Howard Mandel — President of Jazz Journalists Association

Drummer Drori Mondlak has been playing in New York since the mid ‘80s and has worked with the likes of John Hicks, Randy Sandke, Lew Tabackin, and many others. Point In Time is the second disc to be released under his own name. Mondlak is an outstanding modern drummer and has a wonderful, subtle way of directing the music. Drori’s quartet knows how to work as a unit and makes Point In Time a strong, listenable session.
Cadence Magazine

“Drori Mondlak is an extremely emotional drummer who enjoys the spaces as much as the notes. Arrangements make the tune and he is always arranging from the drum kit.”
Robin Tolleson — Modern Drummer Magazine

 “While Mondalk is a chops-laden and sensitive drummer, his brand of athleticism is defined by how lightly he gets what he wants out of the kit, making the drums dance not unlike Joe Morello.”
Phil DiPietro — All About Jazz

 “Drori Mondlak’s gentle brush work underscores the music seamlessly. The music builds to a pulse – quickening crescendo with Mondalk traversing the drum kit with aplomb.”
Bill Milkowski — Jazz Times

 “Mondlak demonstrates first-rate time keeping and sensitivity. His musical drumming makes his solos so individualistic.”
Jay Collins — Cadence Magazine

 “Exuberant brushwork by superb drummer Drori Mondlak.”
Judith Schlesinger — All Music Guide

“Drori swings with that jazz sensibility, has great facility, plays open and interacts with the other musicians in a powerful way.”
Cary DeNigris — guitarist